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Get Your Free Estimate And Consultation

Call or Contact BRUTE Contracting To Schedule Your Water Line Service Now!

or CALL (201) 581-3740

Frequently Asked Questions

In New Jersey, the responsibility for repairing a broken or damaged water line from the house to the street goes to the owner of the property. But there are a few towns in New Jersey, where the town will service the home and property owners’ water line laterals in the street. Call us now to see if you qualify for your town to repair your water line lateral from the house to the street.

Your homeowner’s insurance is hazard insurance, and only covers items damaged in fires, flooding, wind, and other natural disasters. A home warranty repairs properly maintained household appliances and mechanical systems that fail due to normal wear and tear.*

Yes. In some cases, Relining an existing water line is possible if the existing line can be thoroughly cleaned, is properly pitched, and can accept the new liner.

Yes, BRUTE Contracting offers video camera inspections. We also provide a free assessment to qualified clients. Our free assessment includes a free video camera inspection, a free consultation, and a free quote presented in an official BRUTE Contracting service proposal.

This depends on what type of problem you are experiencing. For example, a break/collapse or “belly” in the pipe would almost always require an excavation. Obstructions such as tree roots, pipe scale build-up, or hardened sediment can normally be hydro jetted clean. A thorough camera inspection will ensure a proper diagnosis.

In the case of a water service line repair – This generally depends on what type of pipe material the service line is but excavation is normally required. In the case of a new water service line installation, we generally use a combination of excavation and implement a partial trenchless solution to mitigate substantial property damage and/or restoration costs.

Yes, due to the health concerns associated with lead material.

Unless your water line was damaged by another party, it’s unlikely that homeowner’s insurance will cover the damages. Fortunately, many home warranty companies give you the ability to protect your water lines through septic system coverage.

Trenchless water repairs like pipe bursting and pipe lining are minimally invasive water pipe repairs that are known for their longevity. The amount of time the repair lasts depends on your pipe’s material and method used; however, most trenchless water line repairs last up to 50 years.

Yes, we are a partner with Health to provide our clients with up to 100% financing options for our services. We provide free water assessments which include a free consultation, inspection, and quote. We also work with our clients to provide them with the best solution to their water line problems. Contact us today to see how BRUTE Contracting can help solve your water line issues.

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