Roadway Excavation Services for Sewer & Water Lines in New Jersey

BRUTE Contracting Inc. is well-equipped to handle road opening excavations for your utility needs. We have experience working in the right-of-way in many diversified situations including projects completed on municipal side streets and county/state roadways. Safety is our #1 priority. Every road opening requires a proper Traffic Control Plan (TCP), police presence, and occasionally state-certified flagmen to ensure the safety of our workspace, personnel, pedestrians, and vehicular traffic. We utilize all MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) for streets and roadways to maintain traffic control on all roads open to public travel. We take a strict and proactive approach when organizing every road opening to ensure the safety of all personnel involved.

Each road opening also requires municipal, county, or state-regulated applications, permits, and bond requirements to complete these projects. We are well versed and experienced in obtaining the proper permits as well as coordinating all external personnel necessary to properly execute these types of projects.

The roadway trench size is dependent upon what type of work or repair is in need of completion. All material excavated from the roadway including asphalt, concrete, and dirt is trucked off-site and disposed of. It is then replaced with approved roadway fill and patched with hot asphalt that conforms with engineering requirements once the job is completed. In some cases, concrete is required to be restored as per local requirements. 

In the event of a sewer or water line emergency, we do our best to expedite the coordination of required permits and safety personnel to quickly mobilize our crews and equipment to execute these situations.

What is Included With Our Roadway Excavation Services?

  • Coordination of all required permits and inspections
  • Bond requirements
  • MUTCD Traffic Control Coordination
  • Police Presence and  Traffic Control
  • Excavation Road Construction
  • Roadway Excavation
  • Roadway and Drainage Excavation

Roadway Excavation Services for Sewer & Water Lines

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